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Wax Works: group encaustics show @ tart

Wax Works is a group show featuring a diverse group of women exploring encaustic techniques. Cherlyn Wilcox, Janette May, Allie Buck, Stacey Herries, Sue McCauley, Vicki Fish, Shawna Moore and Diana Arnold will display pieces that vary from tiny to large, simple to elaborately complex, whimsical to earnest. Encaustic is an incredibly tactile medium, inviting the senses not only to see, but to touch and smell.

An opening reception will be held during Art Walk on Friday, April 9th 5-8pm. The show will be on display until May 12th, 2010.

The Way Home: paintings by Cherlyn Wilcox

There is an eternal landscape, a geography of the soul; we search for its outlines all our lives. -Josephine Har

The Way Home is a choreography of personal mapping, and a celebration of the West’s cartography mixed within a geography of imagination. By exploring emotionally subjective connections to the local environment, Cherlyn Wilcox invites the viewer to take their own route when viewing the pieces, from the context of their own experiences.

Opening reception on Friday, February 12th 5-8p.m. in conjunction with tart’s 3 year brithday party. The birthday party will include prizes, tarttoos, and more. Tarty apparel is both encouraged and rewarded. Refreshments in the form of tartinis and tarts will be provided.

tart is in room #107C of the Emerson Center, 111 S. Grand Ave., call 582-0416 for more information. The show will be on display until March 11th, 2010.

Cherlyn Wilcox

I invited Cherlyn Wilcox to introduce herself here, and I’m almost regretting it. The compelling four-foot canvas shown below is one I’ve already had my eye on. See it for yourself outside the Infusion Gallery in the Emerson.

Untitled 16
Untitled 16

The natural beauty of Montana plays a vital role in my art. However, I am more interested in exploring my emotional relationship to capture a sense of place rather than replicating standard representational elements.

Merging landscapes
Merging landscapes

I enjoy experimenting with textures, color and open space I find in the landscape and learn how they influence our reactions to the natural environment.

You can see other work and learn more at Cherlyn Wilcox’s web site.