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Claire Vitucci and Project: Home @ [the art project]

[the art project] at the Emerson will be exhibiting 2 exhibits during the August art walk on Friday, August 13 from 5-8pm. Claire Vitucci will be exhibiting her mixed medium of photographs, collage and painting titled Homesteads & Thresholds. Also on display will be Project: Home.

Abandoned cabins, barns and homesteading equipment are a common sight throughout the west.  It’s hard to imagine the path that led to the cabin site, the building of the cabin, the life led while living there and what might have brought someone to close the door forever. This show embodies the thresholds she has passed over and called home.  With each threshold, she hopes to portray part of what made them more than just a house.  In juxtaposition she has also depicted a variety of lone homesteads; empty forever, with the wind at their backs.

Vitucci uses photographs to capture a place for posterity, while memory helps serve a personal connection to the experience and location.  Through the combined use of photography and collage the exhibited works take the likenesses of a photograph one step further to encompass the overall impression of a place that comes to mind when looking back on it.

Project: Home is the first project of many in which submissions were asked of anyone in the U.S. to take part. We asked creatives to relay what “home” means to them using any form of media on a postcard provided and mail back their submissions to the Emerson. A variety of postcards have already been submitted from artists from several locations, a graphic designer, a writer, children of all ages, MSU students and more. Our goal is to increase community involvement in the arts by reaching out to those who don’t label themselves as “artistic” but want to be involved in a project. We hope to fill the entire 10’ x 6’ steel project wall with postcards from a broad demographic. We expect to see pieces from all over the U.S., with most submitted from Montana. The opening will take place on August 13 from 5-8pm during the Bozeman art walk and will be on exhibit until October. The pieces will be sold at a very affordable price which will in turn be used to fund future community engagement projects and art education at the Emerson.

We are still accepting work for this show until August 9. Contact us for more info or to retrieve a postcard. If anyone would like to create a postcard but doesn’t have the supplies or just wants some inspiration, a station in [the art project] has been set up inviting anyone interested in the project to create one today or to view what others have done so far!

We are located at 111 S. Grand in the Emerson’s Galleria Hall, Bozeman, MT.