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Earth Day Art Show @ Co-op

Co-op members, as well as family and schools, are invited to submit works of art based on recycled materials for an Earth Day Art Show to be on display upstairs at the Co-op during March and April. Submitted works must be able to be hung on the wall.

Deadline for submissions is March 10, 6pm.

Hiller Higman and Katy Kellogg Nygard @ Flying C

During March, the Community Food Co-op’s Flying C Café will feature the work of Bozeman watercolor and ink artist Hiller Higman and Gallatin Gateway fiber artist Katy Kellogg Nygard.

This is Higman’s first Bozeman exhibit of watercolor work. His graphic design firm, BootLeg Enterprise, is found at bootlegenterprise.com, and his artwork may be viewed at hillerhigman.com.

Nygard’s nine-piece series, Aerial Geometry – Contemplating Circles, is inspired by the beauty of the once plentiful family farms and ranches quickly disappearing from our landscape. She has been quilt-making for a number of years and uses a variety of surface design techniques to print the fabric for her work. She has exhibited nationally for many years in both juried and invitational shows and has received several awards.

The public is invited to visit with the artists at a reception on Thursday, March 12, from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Flying C Café.

Playing with Prints: Sarah Angst @ Co-op

Sarah Angst transforms her original prints into jewelry and collage. Show Runs Feb. 1- Feb. 28, 2009. Please join us for a reception Thursday, February 12th from 6:00pm-8:00pm upstairs at the Co-Op’s Flying C Gallery. Come enjoy a sweet treat and maybe you’ll find the perfect gift for your Valentine.

Sarah’s work can also be viewed on her web site, sarahangst.com.

“Out of the Box” Earth Day Art Show at the Co-op

livingston.jpg Earth Day is April 22, and in its honor, the Co-op will host a group show
throughout April and May. American Wildlands will be showing Children’s
Bozeman Pass/ Wildlife Billboard competition winners. In addition, the Co-op is
requesting art pieces from Co-op members and their families called “Out of the Box.” All entries should be made of recycled materials and be able to hang on a wall. Deadline for entries is March 28, 2008.

For more information call Lori Keeling Campbell at the Co-op at 406-587-4039, ext. 3038, or email art@bozo.coop.

The Flying C Art Gallery at the Bozeman Co-op

I eat breakfast upstairs at the Co-op almost every week. I have a special fondness for that exhibit space, probably because I once had a show there myself. You can have one, too, but note the upcoming deadline of February 15 mentioned in the Gallery Interview below. (However, if you miss it, there are group shows you can submit to later, including one for April to be announced soon.)

1. Please introduce yourself and your exhibit space.
I’m Lori Keeling Campbell, Art Coordinator for The Flying C Art Gallery. It is located upstairs in the Coffee Bar at the Community Food Co-op (908 W. Main St., Bozeman, MT). We accept any media that can hang from a wall. Individual exhibits are one month long while group shows hang for two months.

2. Do you have a defined mission or niche?
We provide a forum for emerging artists who are Co-op Members. We accept a broad range of subject matter that is appropriate in a public eating area. The Co-op displays the art and allows the artist to include price and contact information, but does not handle sales. The Co-op charges no fee or commission.

3. What local/regional/national mix of artists have you had?
We only show the art of Co-op members, so the artists have been mostly local, though some, well known. We have Co-op Members living all over the U.S. who are all eligible to apply.

4. How do artists usually connect with you?

They can reach me by email at art@bozo.coop, or by phone at (406)587-4309, ext. 3038.

5. How should an artist looking for a show or advice best approach you?
Submission and information forms are located at the Customer Service Desk at the Co-op. A submission can be made at any time, but the Co-op Art Committee meets annually in order to select upcoming shows. Submissions should represent an accomplished body of work with a sense of theme or personal style. The next deadline is February 15, 2008.