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Triad: recent work by Jane Waggoner Deschner, Jerry Iverson and Jon Lodge

Jane Waggoner Deschner, Jerry Iverson and Jon Lodge will present an exhibition of their recent works entitled Triad at Aunt Dofe’s Hall of Recent Memory in Willow Creek. Featured are Waggoner Deschner’s embroidered vintage snapshots, Iverson’s paintings and Lodge’s mixed media sculptures. The three friends combine their unique voices in harmony with the space and in relation to one another. Triad opens Friday, June 18, 2010, with a public reception from 4–8pm, and artists’ Q&A at 6:00pm.

Iverson says, “the work in this show uses real words with real thoughts and meanings attached. I look at them as being very short poems painted on canvas. Each painting has a small story attached. … For me, these works are experiments, a side project to explore a new thing.”

Jane Waggoner Deschner has long used found photographic imagery in her work, first making collages or photomontages with magazine clippings, and more recently utilizing orphan snapshots of anonymous amateur photographers. Inspired by Iverson’s work for this show, she appropriated one of his phrases, “why work.” Expanded to many “why somethings,” the two words interact with each snapshot into which they are embroidered.

Jon Lodge states, “For this exhibition, I have manufactured sculptures or modules that interface with ambient light creating a re-contextualized experience of light.”

Both Iverson and Dave Kirk, owner and director of Aunt Dofe’s, were recipients of Artist’s Innovation Awards from the Montana Arts Council in 2009. Aunt Dofe’s Hall of Recent Memory is open by appointment. Contact Dave Kirk, 406-285-6996 or davekirk22@gmail.com.

Mike Weix & Everybody’s Birthday @ Aunt Dofe’s

On Sunday, March 14th, we are hoping to see Alice at our Everyone’s Birthday Party. If you were born, this party is for you. Mike Weix and Dave Kirk will be hosting this party for everyone, as well as displaying Mike’s new artwork at Aunt Dofe’s Hall of Recent Memory Gallery out in Willow Creek.

The Everybody’s Birthday Party and Art Opening will run from 3-9 p.m. This will be the sixth time that Aunt Dofe’s has hosted the Everybody’s Birthday Party. This tradition began as a result of the personal life of Dave Kirk, owner of the gallery. Dave elaborates the story by saying, “it actually started about twenty five years ago when my kids would spend August with me in San Francisco. Because none of them was born in August, I was never there for ‘their real birthday party.’ So we started having ‘guerilla’ parties around San Francisco each summer. We’d take over some public place and throw a birthday party for everybody that was there.” This tradition now continues at 100 Main Street in Willow Creek, six miles south of Three Forks Montana.

If you ever wondered what would happen if a gingham chicken sat on a gingham pillow in a gingham chair, you are not alone. Mike Weix has pondered such questions himself. He is probably the only one in the universe to ask such deep questions. Mike Weix is a contemporary artist working in watercolor, collage and other mixed media. He has displayed his artwork, in the past, at the Emerson Cultural Center and the former Bealle Park Art Center. His passion for art extends beyond visual arts to include music. He is a local musician, and is on staff at the Emerson Cultural Center as the chief sound technician. Mike will be providing not only his artwork, but his music live at this birthday party. Dave Kirk will be providing the fresh pizza and the pinata. For information, please call 285-6996.

20 artists help Aunt Dofe kick off 2010

The Montana Arts Council, a state agency, awarded Aunt Dofe’s Hall of Recent Memory a 2009 award for innovation in the arts. The award singled out Aunt Dofe’s approach to presenting art as a unique experience that the artist shares with the rest of us.

Aunt Dofe makes some assumptions in presenting work. There are a lot of rooms in the house we call ‘contemporary art’. And we often take a certain pride in “knowing what we like”. But, by dismissing work that falls short, we have sadly excluded one more person, one more experience from our lives. Maybe, with a little effort we could expand our community. That effort becomes much easier if we can think of it as taking a walk through the world with another person, the artist. One artist might be taken by a sunset, by a mountain valley, or by every hair on a bobcat; but others are just as taken by a leaf, the horizon, or by the way gray wax separates from white lines etched into it. Aunt Dofe has always tried to give such artists a place to present those experiences, but even more importantly she has tried to give us a place to experience along with them.

Aunt Dofe is acknowledging the Montana Arts Council award by beginning the new decade with a special show. Rather than emphasizing one artist or a medium; the show presents work by 20 artists. “It’s meant to be more like fireworks than an art show,” says curator Dave Kirk. “Unrelated images are crammed together. Each one has its own glow or report. Some days one will hit you harder than another. The next time through that one will seem quiet, and another will sing out. I hope that experiencing this show will be a lot like experiencing the world the way an artist does.”

The show is up now and will be constantly changing until early March. Call Aunt Dofe’s at 285-6996 to get directions or arrange an appointment.

Fundraiser for Aunt Dofe’s Hall of Recent Memory

Like a hole finger-poked in the soil, Aunt Dofe’s (rhymes with loaf) Hall of Recent Memory, provides a place for artists to grow. In these times of ever-growing concern, curator Dave Kirk not only encourages artists who might not have a place to show their work, but inspires them to push beyond their limits and examine their own processes. For the last half a dozen years, Kirk nurtured known as well as unknown makers of contemporary art in his non-profit gallery located on Main Street in Willow Creek, Montana. But to take the metaphor further, Kirk doesn’t weed the garden, but allows it to grow whatever decides to take root – and an extraordinary thing happened – people came from all over the state to gorge themselves on the bounty.

It is never easy to admit, but now more than ever this gallery is asking for help. Dozens of artists have donated their work to the cause. The fundraiser/sale of pieces by Robert Royhl, Sara Mast, Tom Ferris, Jeffrey Conger, Ellen Ornitz, Tina DeWeese, Tom Thorton, Nina Alexander, Marcy James, Gabriel Kulka and many others will be available for purchase on a first come, first sold basis, on Sunday, November 2nd from 2 to 8 pm.

Across the street, the Willow Creek Café will offer gourmet meals, with the proceeds going to keep Aunt Dofe’s open. If this is something you’re interested in doing please call 406-285-6996 for more information or to reserve your ticket.

Kirk, and his gallery in Willow Creek, is a haven both for artists with a tendency toward the unconventional and for the rest of us, whose belief is often shaken by the hard edges of the world.

Turning a New Corner at Aunt Dofe’s

Aunt Dofe’s Hall of Recent Memory in Willow Creek has had a funding crisis of sorts and has had to at least postpone and perhaps cancel the next two years of scheduled shows. Reacting to this crisis, there is a group of people who are exploring ideas to help Aunt Dofe’s continue and maybe expand. Some of these ideas will be presented at the last Willow Creek Artwalk of 2008 this Friday, September 19, from 6 until 9 PM. There will be a suggestion box and sign-up sheets for people who want lend their support.

“We are going to try something new in the main gallery this time” says curator Dave Kirk. “We’re going to have the stuff for sale, with price tags on the art.  Our plan isn’t to change the format of the main gallery as much as to test the waters for putting such a gallery in the back of the building to help support the format we’ve been using in the front.”

Dave Kirk goes on to say in the spirit of this foray into actually selling art, Aunt Dofe’s will be replacing the show originally scheduled for September with a show of his own work.

[Ed. note: Those who haven’t been to Aunt Dofe’s can’t know what they’re missing. Check it out this Friday if possible. If you’re out of town like me, Dave can always be reached at davekirk22@gmail.com]

BAZAAR Opening in Willow Creek @ Aunt Dofe’s Hall of Recent Memory

Aunt Dofe’s winter holiday show opening on Sunday December 16 will
appeal to a wide audience. The main gallery will be full of fabric
yardage and banners that have been shibori dyed by Marlene Saccoccia.
Shibori is an ancient hand dying technique most of us are familiar
with in its common form as “tie died”. But this isn’t the stuff you or
your grandmother wore to Grateful Dead concerts. Those bright colors
and bold blotches are there on some of the pieces, but subtle colors
and small, intricate patterns and textures are also well represented.
The room full of fabric is available for casual wanderers, but the
show is of particular interest to quilters and clothing makers looking
for something spectacular to accent their projects.

The show is set up like an exotic bazaar in the main gallery and
to stretch the bazaar theme further, jeweler/ sculptor April Hale will
be showing her work that is fabricated from silver and “roadkill” in
“the meat locker”. In this series of work Ms. Hale combines her
beautifully conceived and crafted silver work with materials we
usually don’t consider beautiful. She takes a few quills and some bone
and makes a finger ring reminiscent of abstract sculpture. But there
is nothing abstract about it. It is silver. It is quill from a
roadkilled porcupine. It is bone from who knows where. And it is
really beautiful sculpture. April treats all the elements of her work
with deep respect that often uses humor, but never makes rude jokes.
And so she makes us look at that blob at the side of the road with a
renewed appreciation of what it was and what it could become. She will
also be showing work that isn’t from the roadkill series just to get
us looking at scrabble tiles and cheep paperbacks with her same fresh

BAZAAR will open at noon on Sunday December 16 and the artist’s
reception will be from 5 until 7 that evening.
Aunt Dofe’s Hall of
Recent memory is at 100 Main Street in Willow Creek. If you would like
to take an afternoon drive with a unique destination on any other day
before the closing on January 16, 2008, please call Dave Kirk at 285-6996 to arrange it.