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Mia Anima Gallery and Art Studio

The newest art gallery in The Emerson is the Mia Anima Gallery and Art Studio, located in the main gallery hall in Suite 110. A great time to check it out would be at this Friday’s Galleria art walk, October 9, 5-8 pm. The owner, artist Hallie Zolynski, tells about the gallery in Art Bozeman’s brief gallery interview format:

1. Please introduce yourself and your exhibit space.
Mia Anima Gallery and Art Studio is located in the Emerson Galleria Hall, Suite 110. We feature local artwork, apparel, and handmade crafts from Nepal and Tibet.

2. Do you have a defined mission or niche?
Our goal is to provide artwork that is affordable, local, and out of the ordinary.

3. What local/regional/national mix of artists have you had?
We have about 50% local, 25% regional, and 25% international work.

4. How do artists usually connect with you?
Artist come into the gallery usually, although I’m always on the look out when I’m out and about.

5. How should an artist looking for a show or advice best approach you?
By email (hzolynski@yahoo.com) (406-580-3597), then make an appointment.

6. Anything else you’d like to tell artists and art aficionados?
I love making art and showing art. Never give up on your goals and dreams!

Hallie is currently seeking another artist to show in Mia Anima. Please contact her if you’re interested!