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Kathryn Yelsa: ELEMENTS @ Aunt Dofe’s Hall of Recent Memory (updated)

Kathryn Yelsa is a Saint Ignatius sculptor who works with what she calls “opulent local materials” She showed work at the first Butte Phantom Galleries in 2004. Her older work proved her to be an accomplished sculptor, but she was also showing some of her newer work that took her insights a ways farther. In that work, Ms. Yelsa was treating “simple river stones” as if they were precious gems, and so, in her hands and eyes, they became precious gems. And simple river stones will never be simple again.

And neither will red dogwood bark, wire, and found doll parts after you see her Garden Goddess standing in the gallery. She has the rare sophistication to never allow her technique to overpower the materials so the bluebird on a chipped piece of found crockery is allowed to sing its clear, pure notes without the artist’s interference. Kathryn Yelsa will be showing some of her older work as well as her latest sculpture and wearable art at Aunt Dofe’s Hall of Recent Memory, 102 Main Street in Willow Creek from July 18 until August 10. She will be attending a reception during The Willow Creek Art Walk from 5 until 9 PM on Friday July 18. Please call Aunt Dofe’s at 285-6996 to arrange other viewing times while her show is up.