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LA Hoffman and Project: ME @ [the art project]

[the art project] is hosting a dual show this month: LA Hoffman will exhibit her recent serigraphs, and Project: ME will be displaying the postcards submitted by local creatives. See both at Art Walk, 5-8 pm, Friday, October 8.

Hoffman is also offering a $10 T-shirt (BYOT) silkscreen workshop on October 13, 6-7:30 pm. Email Cherlyn Wilcox at themerson.org to register for the workshop.

L. A. Hoffman photography at Exit Gallery

Bozeman has many excellent photographers, and, not surprisingly, many are inspired by the surrounding landscape. In contrast, L. A. Hoffman turns a more conceptual eye on the Bozeman urban environment, expressing her ideas by altering the photographs. A good place to see her work is an exhibit at the MSU Exit Gallery, which runs from January 28th through February 8th. A free opening reception will be held Friday, February 1st from 6 – 9 pm.

From the press release:
As the national housing market slumps, Bozeman remains expensive and inaccessible to many residents, limiting options for young families. This photographic exhibit examines the artist’s struggle to find a place to call home in the town that she loves, and delves into the nature of house hunting in Bozeman — what is out there, what is not out there, and what is simply unattainable.

Driven away from the beautiful downtown areas and near-to-campus options by high prices, she has expanded her search to the suburbs, where repetitiveness and the uninspired rule. Even then, with the average cost of a suburban dwelling costing over $300,000 the American Dream seems far away. This scenario is familiar to many people. When limited by a bank account, there are few options for first-time home seekers. Neighborhoods close to the center of town and stand-alone housing units can be out of many people’s price range. The remaining options include condos, multiple family structures, or one in a row of cookie cutter houses devoid of identity. Some of these housing developments even go so far as to offer their fares in wide ranges of color options including Tan, Sand, Sandstone, Beige, or Taupe.

The MSU Exit Gallery is located in the Strand Union Building room 106E. Parking is located to the South of the Strand Union Building and is free after 6 pm. L.A. Hoffman is a Bozeman resident and recent graduate of Montana State University, where she received degrees in Photography and Marketing. Her work is on permanent display at the Infusion Art Gallery, located in the Emerson Cultural Center at 111 South Grand Avenue. For more information about this event, please call (406) 579-7626 or email lahoffman@gmail.com.

[Ed. note, in the spirit of full disclosure: this writer has already invested in a Hoffman photograph, which could gain in value if demand for her work rises.]