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Geometric abstraction: Phoebe Toland and Linda Stoudt @ Jessie Wilbur Gallery

Artists Phoebe Toland and Linda Stoudt are showing colorful abstract works at the Emerson Center for the Arts & Culture beginning March 23. View Toland’s sculptures and paintings in the Jessie Wilber Gallery and Stoudt’s paintings and drawings in the Emerson lobby. Meet the artists at a reception Thursday, March 26, with a gallery talk by both artists 5:30-6 p.m., followed by refreshments 6-8 p.m.

Helena artist Phoebe Toland is showing new abstract works under the title Structure, Inside and Out. According to the artist:

My work has always been closely connected to architecture. But structure goes beyond buildings and cities. It lies at the heart of all activity, and speaks about patterns and hierarchies within societies. Structures that may seem unique within a culture are often seen elsewhere with slight variations; the teepee circle in Wyoming and an ancient Celtic circle in England. The cultural similarities and differences that unite us as a people provide a link to our history and continue to inform and inspire my work.

Linda Stoudt, of Stevensville, MT, says the following about her drawings and paintings:

These images are distillations of everyday experiences. Daily life is inextricably entwined to making art; the work is about transition, passage through time and space; the permanence of impermanence. I have witnessed the rise and fall of matter hundreds of times, and endeavor to capture those moments of change. The paintings on cardboard and sandpaper drawings underscore this transitory theme with their non-archival base. The use of cardboard was driven by the need to make an image that had rows or furrows, as if digging in the earth or myself. The furrows continue to manifest themselves in recent works.