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RAW: MSU students @ Danforth

RAW, an exhibition of recent work by five returning Montana State University graduate students, will be on display at the Danforth Gallery in Livingston from May 21st- June 22nd. An artist reception will be held Friday May 21, 5:30-8:30 PM.

Sukha Worob, Emily Browne, Shannon Berg, April Hale, and Lorie Hoffman are returning to the Danforth Gallery after completing their second year with the School of Art at MSU. “We are eager to have these talented young artist back for their second group show at the Danforth this year”, said Traci Isaly, the Danforth Gallery Director. “These students present work that is fresh, unfiltered, and deliberate. As they evolve through the program at MSU, it is interesting to watch their progression in terms of style, themes and subtle variations of those themes, over time. What transpires over the course of their 3-year journey to an MFA degree is exciting as well as engaging. We are delighted to partner with these young artists and share their progression with our members as well as the general public”, said Isaly.

See the Danforth web site for further information.

MSU Graduate Students 09 @ The Emerson

The exhibiting artists include sculptor Shannon Berg, exhibiting large drawings; 2-D artist Emily Browne, showing figurative paintings/drawings; Lorie Hoffman, op art paintings; April Hale, conceptual “jewelry” that combines cast and fabricated metal objects with appropriated mixed media; and Sukha Worob, prints with a “pop art” influence. The exhibiting artists employ both traditional and contemporary techniques with the scale ranging from the intimacy of jewelry to expansive paintings. Some artists focus on a purely aesthetic and optical experience while others promote concepts and emotions that are essential to appreciating the work.

MSU student art show @ Danforth Gallery

Trace: An exhibition of recent work from graduate and undergraduate students of the Montana State University School of Art will be on display at the Danforth Gallery in Livingston from May 22nd- June 23rd.

The exhibition was organized by Traci Isaly and curated by Rollin Beamish, Assistant Professor of Painting at MSU-Bozeman. While the work of these young artists is formally diverse, it is nonetheless unified by a certain resonance, a searching or questioning about the very nature of our existence as cultured beings, and a meditation on the after-effects of our presence within our natural and cultural landscape. Whether figurative, non-objective, or a mixture of both, each artist is hunting for an elusive understanding, and the works they produce can be read as clues or “traces” along the way; open-ended statements that act more as invitations for participation than definitive claims, asking viewers to share in this inquisitiveness.

Participating artists include: Shannon Berg, Emily Browne, Gretchen Bundy, Crystal Carpenter, April Hale, Lorie Hoffman, Thane Lund, and Sukha Worob. There will be an artist reception on the evening of Friday May 22nd from 5:30 – 8:00 p.m. The Danforth Gallery is located at 106 N. Main Street. For more information contact the gallery at 406-222-6510.