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NEA report: Women Artists: 1990-2005

Few surprises and little good news here. Nancy Ewart culls a few salient observations in a blog post at Chez NamasteNancy. Montana does well in the percentage of artists who are women (about half), but miserably in the compensation department, with women earning less than 65% of what men earn, though it’s slightly better if you consider only full-time artists. A partial explanation—and hope for the future—comes from the finding that in some areas, the women are younger. For example, the average female photographer was twelve years younger than the average male photographer. Women are also gaining in architecture, the highest-paid of the areas considered. Unfortunately, those trends don’t hold for artists in general. You can view the full report (PDF) at the NEA research page. By the way, in case you didn’t catch it before, Montana does do very well in the percentage of the population working in the fine arts.