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Unseen Symmetry: Photography by Patrick Bakken

ASMSU Campus Entertainment presents: Unseen Symmetry, an intriguing and creative photography collection by Patrick Bakken. The exhibit will show in the Exit Gallery January 18th to 28th. There will be a free public artist reception Wednesday, January 19th from 5 – 7 pm in the gallery.

In a matter of less than .05 of a second, humans instinctively scan a visual object for symmetrical qualities. Our mind is constantly surveying, consciously and unconsciously, for symmetry. With this series of photographs, and by manipulating them together, they create unseen lines of symmetry and serenity. They create a fascinating play of nature and human manipulation; establishing familiar places that have never been seen before.

Patrick Bakken is a current student of Montana State University and is majoring in photography. Patrick grew up just west of Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has always been one for the outdoors and traveling and it’s the passion of adventure and exploration that brought Patrick to Bozeman. Patrick has exhibited pieces in the Emerson Gallery and other artworks were selected to be shown at the undergraduate art exhibit titled “Personal Vision”. With a combination of passions being photography and travel, and with his motivation for both, he will continually push the boundaries of impossible to possible.

The Exit Gallery is a student organized art gallery that hosts seven, two week exhibits per semester as well as other arts events. The Exit Gallery educates, informs, and encourages creativity and is an outlet for emerging artist and new, exciting ideas! The Exit Gallery is located in Strand Union Building room 212, Montana State University, Bozeman. Hours are Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.