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Malcolm Gladwell, in a New Yorker article that opens with Bozeman’s own Jack Horner, points out that we tend to think of inventors like Alexander Graham Bell as lone creative geniuses, but it often happens that “unique” inventions are made independently multiple times. One Elisha Gray also worked on the telephone and filed an application with the Patent Office the very same day as Bell. This story comes to mind because I’ve just learned of a new web site, based in Bozeman, that has a very similar goal to that of Art Bozeman, namely supporting the local arts community. Must be something in the air. Here’s the intro from Jamey:

I thought you might be interested in a new website that a few smART people in Bozeman have been creating.  It’s a free service for artists and businesses supporting artists with the goal of connecting them to create more opportunity for growth.  Anyone can create a profile showcasing their art, easily create and send newsletters to as many people as desired, and display events with maps to the destination.  There are many more features available. I hope you’ll check it out and maybe share with your readers.

It’s www.poinzy.com

Poinzy is a different critter from Art Bozeman, though it also has some things in common. Its scope is broader than just the visual arts, and it’s also more focused on supporting marketing activities of artists and art-related businesses. It is pretty small at the moment, but has the potential to grow rapidly if people find it that it offers them value. Have a look!