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Ryan Hannahoe: Astronomical Imaging

Astronomical Imaging, a collection of photographs by Ryan Hannahoe, will be showing in the Exit Gallery April 20 – May 1. There will be a free artist reception Wednesday, April 22 from 5-7pm.

Ryan M. Hannahoe, a current undergraduate student at MSU in the College of Education, has been involved in astronomical photography for over the past 10 years. He started out experimenting with a film camera trying to tackle this area of expertise, but little did he know that this type of photography was much harder than simply holding a camera to the end of a telescope and snapping a photograph. In the fall of 2001, he took his first astronomical digital image remotely from Pennsylvania with an observatory that was located in the mountains of New Mexico some 2,000 miles away. Since then, Ryan has gone on to produce astronomical works in upwards of 40 hours of total exposure time and with several different advanced telescopes. The field of astronomy has always been fascinating to Ryan, and this type of artwork has allowed him to pursue a career in astronomy since the age of 19. The photographs included within his exhibit feature objects from galaxies to nebula located many light-years away.

The Exit Gallery is located in Strand Union Building room 212, Montana State University, Bozeman. Hours are Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.