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Contemporary Connections: Paintings by Sheryl Katzenberger at the Exit Gallery

ASMSU Campus Entertainment presents: Contemporary Connections a collection of paintings by Sheryl Katzenberger, a Montana native and MSU student. The exhibition will be showing in the Exit Gallery February 28th – March 11th. There will be a free public reception Wednesday, March 2nd from 5:00 to 7:00 pm.

Sheryl’s paintings may reference landscapes, but the paint takes on a life of its own as “the colors grind and squirm against their foe, the dryness that will bind them down.”  Through the thinness and thickness of the paint, Sheryl’s work creates a dialogue that invites viewers to explore shadows and confront mysteries.  In the artist’s words, “the colors plot, argue, sing and tell scary stories – sometimes all in the same painting”.

Sheryl’s tenacity for learning and creativity has led to an incredibly beautiful, thoughtful and intriguing body of work. After a career for many years as an elementary teacher and businesswoman, Sheryl is now an undergraduate in the MSU School of Art.