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Bring Your Own Art @ The Cottonwood

This July, in recognition of the significance of the month’s revolutionary history, The Cottonwood Club invites you to participate in a Bring Your Own Art show featuring the work of disenfranchised citizens…please bring your work as a show of resistance to the evergrowing shit show at the highest rungs of your nation’s declining governing powers…what’s that sound?…street artists, film artists, clay tossers, performance nerds, painters, everyone invited and all mediums highly encouraged…bring your work ready to hang or display…resistance to the overgrown capitalist monopolies could be pretty much anything you make yourself…one more cup thrown on the wheel is one less walmart is peddling, one more handmade bag is one less children in third world countries cut their fingers on…make something! educate yourself! resist! resist! sweet sounds from Royal 7 and the Young Squires. July 30, 7pm, 201 S. Wallace.

The Cottonwood hosts Bozeman Bike Kitchen Benefit show

The Cottonwood and Jason Lytle invite you to the Bozeman Bike Kitchen Benefit show April 30! In accordance with classes coming to a close, The Cottonwood has decided to celebrate one of our favorite Montana summer activities – Bicycle Adventuring! We’re throwing a special benefit show featuring the Grand music of hometown hero Jason Lytle. Admission is $5. Proceeds go to further the community love of The Bozeman Bike Kitchen.

ARTISTS bring your work, any and all mediums, ready to hang and ready to sell! We ask that you donate 20% of any work sold to The Bozeman Bike Kitchen. Doors open at 7pm. Libations. Ride your bike down and help us make this an amazing night! Let’s welcome summer with love! Look Ma! No hands!

Find out more at The Cottonwood Club facebook page.

The Cottonwood presents a BYOA (bring your own art) Show

It’s happening March 12, 7pm, 210 S. Wallace.

Bozeman’s only DIY venue for the arts has moved to a new location and is starting things off right with a BYOA!  Please bring your original works to display and/or sell.  Admission is free.  Free beer with minimum $5 donation.  All art mediums welcome.  Music to please the ears from The New Entropy and Connie.  With special guest Free Art School to please the heart.  Walking and biking HIGHLY ENCOURAGED!  Come one!  Come all!  Hey man, get with the countdown.  Say goodbye to Squaresville and blast off to Kicksville!