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New Work by Vicki Fish @ tart

Bozeman artist Vicki Fish is known for her sometimes serious, sometimes whimsical mixed media constructions that tell stories, reflect on the human condition, and relay the ironies of life’s situations.  A new series of pieces utilize vintage family portraits irreverently modified by the artist.  A percentage of the proceeds from this show will be donated to the Friends of the Bozeman Public Library.  Exhibit will be on display through February 9th, 2011.

The opening reception during Art Walk, December 10, will also feature a photo booth with Jessie Moore Photography.  Capture your family and yourself at their best (or worst)!

Wax Works: group encaustics show @ tart

Wax Works is a group show featuring a diverse group of women exploring encaustic techniques. Cherlyn Wilcox, Janette May, Allie Buck, Stacey Herries, Sue McCauley, Vicki Fish, Shawna Moore and Diana Arnold will display pieces that vary from tiny to large, simple to elaborately complex, whimsical to earnest. Encaustic is an incredibly tactile medium, inviting the senses not only to see, but to touch and smell.

An opening reception will be held during Art Walk on Friday, April 9th 5-8pm. The show will be on display until May 12th, 2010.

Galleria Art Walk

New exhibits and refreshments at the Emerson Galleria Art Walk this Friday, 5-8 pm:

Artists’ Gallery: Gerri Carlson showing “Tom Morgan’s Favorite Flies Favorite Waters” handbound book and Joan Pribanic showing new oil paintings based on favorite sites along nearby rivers
Beaucoup Framing and Gallery: Panoramic Photography by Craig Hergert
ECCE: Peter Moore Visions of the North Fork and scarves by Sarah Pilgrim
Glasscrafters and Infusion Jewelry: Mixed Media Work by Debb Rogers and Jewelry by Vickie Raisler
Mia Anima Studio and Gallery: work by local and Tibetan artists
Montana Panoramic Gallery: Panoramic Photography by Craig Hergert
tart: “Birds and Beasts”: Mixed Media Constructions by Vicki Fish