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Special August Art Walk in Willow Creek

Summer relaxation and art just got better for everyone. The Willow Creek Artists are inviting you to experience a very special Art Walk for August. New to Montana, from the East coast, the Celtic fiddling group, “Mohr4”, will be our guest performers. They describe their playing as “Celtic and Classical music – straying into other genres (like Shaker, Renaissance, and Gypsy) when the mood hits us.” This mother plus daughters quartet have a long list of venues they have played at in their past. White Mountain Chimney Corner Celebration, Springville; Mologne House; Walter Reed Army Medical Center; Concerts in the Park, New Hope ; and the Classical Music Recital at the Episcopal Church of the Nativity, Huntsville Alabama are just a few the many places for their concerts. Their website is www.mohr4.com.

Come and enjoy, as well as support the art works, galleries, artist and our wonderful musicians on August 19th, beginning at 5 pm. Head over to Three Forks, go right through town, and head south for six miles until you see us there in the heart of Willow Creek. For more information, call Leslie at 406-600-8049.

Willow Creek August Art Walk

Enjoy a Montana summer evening strolling through Willow Creeks’ Art Walk on Friday, August 20th. The Art Walk will begin at 5 p.m. and go to 9 p.m.

The Fire Hall brings all the regional artists and crafters under one roof. Handcrafted knifes and beads by Donna Pogreba, watercolors by Pat Gibson; as well as necklaces, oil paintings, copper jewelry, llama scarves and caps, photographs are part of the variety you will enjoy browsing through. The Fire Hall will feature their hot off the grill hamburgers as a fundraiser for the Willow Creek High School Field Trips.

Painting by Pat Mahan

Don Kast at Willow Creek Gallery continues to display the works created by himself and his wife. Their works range from traditional landscapes in oil to contemporary mixed media. Their shady  porch is a fine place to enjoy their artwork and escape the summer heat.

Leslie Drawbaughs’ Walls of Grace Studio, (straight across from the Willow Creek Cafe), presents pastels fantasies drawings and  abstract landscapes in acrylic which continue to amaze viewers with her choices of colors. Enjoy chocolate tipped strawberries with other fruit delights to cool down an hot summer night. Special frozen treats for all kids at heart offered.

Dave Kirk, at Aunt Dofe’s House of Recent Memory will feature the contemporary work of Nan Parsons. He will also have music by M.J. Williams and Friends. Aunt Dofe’s will continue to give amazing food. Call Dave Kirk at 285-6996 for more information on this gallery.

If you still want to just enjoy a sit down meal, then make reservations to our famous Willow Creek Cafe and Bar. Their number is 285-3698.

Wanted: art for a new Willow Creek gallery

Leslie Drawbaugh has just opened a new gallery in Willow Creek, and she’s looking for artists interested in showing there with her. The gallery is in a home setting, with several small rooms for hanging wall art or other forms of display. The gallery is on Main Street, across from the Willow Creek Cafe, with wonderful exposure for artwalks (3rd Fridays each month) and visitors. Call Leslie at 406-600-8049 for more details.

BAZAAR Opening in Willow Creek @ Aunt Dofe’s Hall of Recent Memory

Aunt Dofe’s winter holiday show opening on Sunday December 16 will
appeal to a wide audience. The main gallery will be full of fabric
yardage and banners that have been shibori dyed by Marlene Saccoccia.
Shibori is an ancient hand dying technique most of us are familiar
with in its common form as “tie died”. But this isn’t the stuff you or
your grandmother wore to Grateful Dead concerts. Those bright colors
and bold blotches are there on some of the pieces, but subtle colors
and small, intricate patterns and textures are also well represented.
The room full of fabric is available for casual wanderers, but the
show is of particular interest to quilters and clothing makers looking
for something spectacular to accent their projects.

The show is set up like an exotic bazaar in the main gallery and
to stretch the bazaar theme further, jeweler/ sculptor April Hale will
be showing her work that is fabricated from silver and “roadkill” in
“the meat locker”. In this series of work Ms. Hale combines her
beautifully conceived and crafted silver work with materials we
usually don’t consider beautiful. She takes a few quills and some bone
and makes a finger ring reminiscent of abstract sculpture. But there
is nothing abstract about it. It is silver. It is quill from a
roadkilled porcupine. It is bone from who knows where. And it is
really beautiful sculpture. April treats all the elements of her work
with deep respect that often uses humor, but never makes rude jokes.
And so she makes us look at that blob at the side of the road with a
renewed appreciation of what it was and what it could become. She will
also be showing work that isn’t from the roadkill series just to get
us looking at scrabble tiles and cheep paperbacks with her same fresh

BAZAAR will open at noon on Sunday December 16 and the artist’s
reception will be from 5 until 7 that evening.
Aunt Dofe’s Hall of
Recent memory is at 100 Main Street in Willow Creek. If you would like
to take an afternoon drive with a unique destination on any other day
before the closing on January 16, 2008, please call Dave Kirk at 285-6996 to arrange it.